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Steering Wheel control Primary harness adapters convert the commands from your car's steering wheel controls to a code that an aftermarket radio can recognize. A patch lead is also requires for SWC type systems based on the brand of head unit you have. for more details check out our you tube video.

This Aerpro control harness allows you to upgrade to an aftermarket head unit whilst maintaining use of your factory steering wheel controls.
Steering controls are considered a primary harness and will require a secondary harness and patch lead to be used in conjunction for plug and play.

Features: Plug and play
Retains the factory Steering wheel controls

Phone button compatibility: No
Patch lead: Type C

Holden Commodore 2002-2003 VY Series I
Holden Commodore 2003-2004 VY Series II
Holden Commodore 2004-2007 VZ
Holden Monaro 2003-2005 V2II, V2III, VZ
Holden Statesman 2003 - 2006 WK, WL

12 months warranty

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