NS - (D1R) 6K HID Bulbs (1 pair = 2pcs)

NS - (D1R) 6K HID Bulbs (1 pair = 2pcs)

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NS - (D1R) 6K HID Bulbs (1 pair = 2pcs) (Bulbs only No Ballast)

HID Xenon lights are designed to be at least 3 times brighter and last 10 times longer than halogen lights. HID produces supreme light output providing drivers with greater visibility, therefore promotes increased comfort and safer night time driving condition. HID also consumes 35% less power and generates less heat during operation. Motorcycles and automobiles currently use a 12 Volt electrical system for their headlamps. HID lighting systems require over 20,000 volts to ignite the bulbs. Once lit, they only require 12 volts to keep running. This 12V 35W HID Conversion Kits are suitable for every car make and model that is powered by a 12V battery (which means most standard vehicles)

Ideal for replacement

Type of lamp: D1R
Pack of: 1
85 V,35 W

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***One Year RTB Warranty***
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