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  • AVS 3010 Waterproof remote case
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4493/This is a remote case set for the AVS 3010 waterproof remote (model TX4-04-3010) used on the AVS 3010+, 3010 and keyless entry systems.The set includes:1 x Remote case (made up of two halves that clip together)1 x Button pad1 x Keychain..
    Ex Tax: $17.38 $19.99
  • AVS 3010+ Car Alarm w/ 2 x Immobilisers  -NEW
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy//product/1054/The AVS 3010 range provides reliable, easy-to-use car security and functionality at entry-level prices. The AVS 3010+ car alarm tops the range awith the additional security of a dual stage shock sensor and battery back-up siren. Plus it has waterproof remote..
    Ex Tax: $103.48 $119.00
  • AVS Car Alarm 4 Stars A4 w/ Immobilisers - DEAL
    www.omins.info/jonvy/p/811/Please note that Instruction manual is not supply with AVS ALARM. It is for dealer use only and are not available for public distribution.Buyer will need to find an authorized installer for installation and instructionmanual will not be provided in any circumstances Alarm ..
    Ex Tax: $154.78 $178.00
  • AVS C4 CAN-Bus car alarm with Ultrasonic Sensor
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4116/The AVS C4 digital car alarm communicates with your vehicle’s CAN-Bus platform for seamless integration into the factory system. The AVS C4 car alarm features:Ultrasonic sensorThe ultrasonic sensor triggers the alarm if a change in air pressure or movement is detec..
    Ex Tax: $241.74 $278.00
  • AVS C5 CAN-Bus Car Alarm Tilt Sensor / Ultrasonic
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4114/The AVS C5 car alarm features:Digital tilt sensorThe digital tilt sensor sets itself for the angle the car is parked on when you arm the alarm. If the car is tilted in ANY direction from one degree it triggers the alarm. Normal sensors cannot detect if your car is ..
    Ex Tax: $302.61 $348.00
  • AVS A/S Series Waterproof Remote Control
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/2777/Listing is only for 1pcs of remote controlAVS A/S Series Waterproof Remote ControlWhether you have a new or old model AVS car alarm you can purchase extra or replacement remotes.All AVS car alarms are originally provided with two remote controls and extras can be a..
    Ex Tax: $68.70 $79.00
  • AVS Ultrasonic sensor - NEW
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/2775/Triggers the alarm if a change in air pressure or movement is detected in the cabin of the vehicle. It does this by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves (like a bat’s sonar) around the interior of the vehicle. It is a good upgrade if you carry goods or have a large ..
    Ex Tax: $78.25 $89.99
  • AVS Digital Tilt Sensor
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/1933/ AVS Tilt Digital Tilt Sensor Normal sensors like shock sensors will NOT protect the wheels so a tilt sensor is an essential upgrade if you have mags. The AVS digital tilt sensor will also trigger the alarm if your car is lifted by a tow truck.The AVS digital ti..
    Ex Tax: $68.70 $79.00