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  • Mongoose M60G 5-STAR Alarm System 2 Immobilisers M60G5-Star Car Alarm System with Turbo Timer and TWO ImmobilisersM60G is Fully Tested and Certified to the AS/NZ 4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A for vehicle immobilisers and alarm systems.The M60G is packed with so many features such as..
    Ex Tax: $206.96 $238.00
  • MONGOOSE M60B CAR ALARM with Built-IN Turbo Timer M60B 4 STAR Vehicle Security System with Dual Engine Immobiliser, Turbo Timer and Keyless Entry.The M60B is a fully featured alarm which also includes 2 automatic engine immobilisers, 2pcs x 3 button remote controls and a hyper blue warning LED. As a bonus ..
    Ex Tax: $146.96 $169.00
  • MONGOOSE MRC83R M80 SERIES 3 BUTTON REMOTE Red MRC83R - Red LED - 433Mhzfrom mid 2011 onMongoose M80 Series - 3 button Remote (MRC83R) - Red LED - 433MhzA new remote has to be memorised into your security system for it to operate - this is called 'code learning'. The coding instructions can be foun..
    Ex Tax: $60.00 $69.00
  • Remote Control for Mongoose M20/20S/24 - M40 (Pre-2010) MRC200WWaterproof Remote (replace older MRC20 remote) for MX40/MX200/AA660Suitable for:M20M24M40(Pre-2010)(formerly MX40)MX200AA660A new remote has to be programmed into your security system for it to operate - this is called 'code learning'. The coding in..
    Ex Tax: $60.00 $69.00
  • SIREN for CAR ALARM Electronic Car Alarm Siren. Two wire single tone electronic standard sirens with mounting bracket.Excellent if you need a replacement or need more sound for you existing car alarm system.- 12V - 15W - 1 tone- 90dBDimension: L 75mm x W 80mm x H 90mm*** Instal..
    Ex Tax: $8.69 $9.99
  • Activated 2-Drgree SIM for Mongoose PT890 Tracker 2-Drgree SIM for Mongoose PT890 Trackerfor quick and hassle free installation of your PT890 GPS vehicle trackerWARNING - DO NOT INSERT SIM CARD INTO THE TRACKER UNTIL READY TO INSTALL.WARNING - Inserting the SIM will activate the trackers backup battery (..
    Ex Tax: $39.13 $45.00
  • 12 VDC Waterproof 5-Pin Bosch Style Relay 40A Pin 12V 40A Relay with Pre-wired relay socket This 12V, 40A relay is widely used in car sound and automotive security installations. Features a sealed plastic housing for applications requiring water resistance 40A...
    Ex Tax: $8.65 $9.95
  • AVS 3010 Waterproof remote case is a remote case set for the AVS 3010 waterproof remote (model TX4-04-3010) used on the AVS 3010+, 3010 and keyless entry systems.The set includes:1 x Remote case (made up of two halves that clip together)1 x Button pad1 x Keychain..
    Ex Tax: $17.38 $19.99
  • AVS TX4-04 Waterproof Remote CASE SET CASE SET for the AVS waterproof remote (model TX4-04) used on the AVS S5, S4, S3, A5 and A4 car alarms.The set includes:1 x Remote Case (made up of two halves that clip together)1 x Button Pad1 x KeychainNote: AVS remote originally came with grey buttons but..
    Ex Tax: $17.38 $19.99
  • AVS 3010+ Car Alarm w/ 2 x Immobilisers  -NEW AVS 3010 range provides reliable, easy-to-use car security and functionality at entry-level prices. The AVS 3010+ car alarm tops the range awith the additional security of a dual stage shock sensor and battery back-up siren. Plus it has waterproof remote..
    Ex Tax: $103.48 $119.00
  • AVS Car Alarm 4 Stars A4 w/ Immobilisers - DEAL note that Instruction manual is not supply with AVS ALARM. It is for dealer use only and are not available for public distribution.Buyer will need to find an authorized installer for installation and instructionmanual will not be provided in any circumstances Alarm ..
    Ex Tax: $154.78 $178.00
  • AVS CAR ALARM 5 Stars S5 Immobilisers/TILT SENSOR AVS Digital Tilt SensorNormal sensors like shock sensors will NOT protect the wheels so a tilt sensor is an essential upgrade if you have mags.The AVS digital tilt sensor will also trigger the alarm if your car is lifted by a tow truck.The AVS digital tilt sensor ..
    Ex Tax: $260.00 $299.00
  • Mongoose M33 Car Alarm w/ Engine Immobiliser M33Car Security Alarm System with Engine ImmobiliserThe M33 is a fully featured alarm system including engine immobilisation at a very affordable price.This Mongoose designed feature packed security system is supplied with a 2 stage shock sensor and a 6 to..
    Ex Tax: $111.30 $128.00
  • STEELMATE 838IIC Upgrade car alarm system 838IIC Upgrade car alarm systemGo Remote-LessThe experience of having a basic alarm system without remote transmitters is just a "phone throw away"! Go Remote-Less. Features include Shock Sensor, Valet Mode, Arm Reminding and most significantly, Starter K..
    Ex Tax: $60.00 $69.00
  • STEELMATE 838T Car Alarm System 838TFULL FUNCTION CAR ALARM SYSTEMMAIN CHARACTERS: Automatic central locking control Anti-false operation and Anti-jamming Anti-hijacking, emergency call and locating Trigger memory FEATURES: Remote Arming/Disarming Mute Arming Mode Anti-Bur..
    Ex Tax: $56.52 $65.00
  • Remote Control for G4matic Alarm - D9 TOYOTA is for 1 piece onlyAuto Remote Controls Transponder compatible with G4matic car alarm only.You can programme to your existing G4matic One way car alarm if you already have it installed in your car.Key is only suitable for most Japanese car but not European ..
    Ex Tax: $15.64 $17.99
  • G4matic Car Alarm Security System D8 w/ Car Key****** Key blade for Toyota ONLY) ************ Key blade for Toyota ONLY) ************ Key blade for Toyota ONLY) ******Alarm Features: *Car Key attached (self cut)*Remote Arm / Disarm and Panic*Built-in Shock Sensor (Adjustable)*Red Warning LED indicator*Remote Si..
    Ex Tax: $34.77 $39.99
  • Professional Car Stereo Installation Service (Reference Only, Please call for Quote) company is one of the members of NZSA (New Zealand Security Association). We arecertified Installer Company and all of our workers and technicians are highly trained andcertified by NZSA. We provide high quality installation services with competitive prices.It is recom..
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