6.5" Component Set Speaker w/ Crossover & Tweeter

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  • Alpine R-S65C R-Series 6.5" Component Speaker System 300W
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/6783/Alpine R-S65CR-Series 6.5" Component Speaker System 300WChoosing Alpine for your upgrade is like choosing chocolate at the ice cream counter — it's a classic for a reason. You can't go wrong with Alpine's undying commitment to quality sound and attention to detail,..
    Ex Tax: $286.09 $329.00
  • Infinity REF6520CX 6.5" Component Speaker System 270W
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/6759/Infinity REF6520CX6.5" (160mm) Component Speaker System 270WWith a new component system, you'll hear the details you've been missing in your car's sound system. Infinity's Reference Series REF-6520cx 6.5" component speaker system offers exceptional clarity, thanks ..
    Ex Tax: $198.26 $228.00
  • COMBO DEAL - Cerwin-Vega XED Series 6.5" Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/6674/We are offering an excellent combo deal for your in-car entertaining experience at great price! The Cerwin Vega XED Series Speakers, The 6.5" Component Speakers XED650C and 6.5" XED62 2-Way Coaxial speakers bringing exceptional sound to your listening experience. O..
    Ex Tax: $129.57 $149.00
  • ALPINE SPJ-161CS 6" 2-Way Component Car Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/6611/ALPINE SPJ-161CS 6" Type-J Series 2-Way Component Car SpeakersDespite their affordability, these speakers look good! The glossy black finish gives a luxurious appearance, and the new grille design is cool looking. The Alpine logo on top is elegant, not garish.This ..
    Ex Tax: $77.39 $89.00
  • BOSS PC65.2C Phantom Series 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker 500W
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/6421/BOSS PC65.2C Phantom Series 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker System 500WThe Boss PC652C PHANTOM speakers utilize high quality poly injection cones with rubber surrounds for top performance. A custom tooled bridge houses midranges and tweeters for outstanding mid and hi..
    Ex Tax: $76.52 $88.00
  • JBL GT7-6C 6.5" 150W 2-Way Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5914/JBL GT7-6C 16.5cm (6.5") 2-Way Component Speakers 150W(Ideal Component Speaker System for replacing your factory speakers)Meet the beautiful offspring of sound and style.JBL GT7 Series speakers are the optimal choice for those audio junkies who desire an upgrade to..
    Ex Tax: $128.70 $148.00
  • Pioneer TS-A1606C 6.5" Component Speaker Package
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5827/Pioneer TS-A1606C6.5" Component Speaker Package (6.75" Compatible)FEATURES- 350 Watts Max Power (60 Watts RMS Nominal)- New Multi-Layer Mica Matrix Cone Design for Optimum Sound Reproduction and Responsiveness- Soft Dome Tweeter with Wave Guide for Increased Sensit..
    Ex Tax: $126.09 $145.00
  • JBL Stage 600C 6.5" 150W Component Speaker System
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5650/JBL Stage 600C 6.5" Component Speaker System 150WJBL's Stage Series is the affordable way to bring joy back to your listening experience. These Stage 600C component speakers sport a big 6-1/2" polypropylene woofer that gives your music the responsive, robust low-en..
    Ex Tax: $86.09 $99.00
  • Focal PS 165F 6.5" 2-Way Component Kit FLAX CONE
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4041/The 6.5" woofer has the new flax cone for a neutral sound without coloration, more dynamique, natural reproduction.This kit benefits from a new design: the baskets are in Black Mat Aluminium engraved with Focal's logo and ally modernism and tradition.Processed Alum..
    Ex Tax: $364.35 $419.00
  • 6.5" (16.5cm) SPEAKER BOX - FRONT PORTED
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5456/This Auction is for 1 pair (2pcs) of 6.5"(16.5cm) MDF CARPETED SPEAKERS BOX with terminals *(Front ported) These boxes are manufactured with grade MDF and covered with top grade carpeting. They all come complete with speaker terminals and are finger sealed to ensu..
    Ex Tax: $26.08 $29.99
  • Cerwin-Vega XED650C 6.5" 300W Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4271/Cerwin-Vega XED650CXED Series 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker SystemCerwin Vega Mobile speakers are designed and engineered to reproduce great sound quality for many years of listening enjoyment in your vehicle! Component speakers provide a much greater opportunity fo..
    Ex Tax: $82.61 $95.00
  • Cerwin-Vega H465C 360W 6.5" 2Way Component Speaker
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4268/Cerwin-Vega H465C 6.5 Inch HED Series 2-way Component Car Speakers 360WCerwin-Vega HED Mobile SeriesWhen seeking power, performance, and reliability in a car audio system, look no further than Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s High Energy Design HED series products. HED series ..
    Ex Tax: $102.61 $118.00
  • PIONEER TS-D1730C 6.75" 260-Watt Component Speaker
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5223/Absolute fidelity to musical sources takes form from speakers that reproduce the ambience in which sounds originate. Stage size, musicians’ movement, aural reflection and other distinctive details all bring these sounds to life. Pioneer D-Series speakers are availa..
    Ex Tax: $206.96 $238.00
  • Cerwin-Vega V465C 400W 6.5" 2Way Component Speaker
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4853/Cerwin-Vega V465C 6.5 Inch Vega Series 2-Way Component Speaker System- Low-Resonant Deep Drawn Composite Basket- Curvilinear Mica Fiber Composite Cone- Signature Vega Red Rubber Surround- 1 Inch Titanium Dome Tweeters- Speaker Grills Included- 400W MAX/100W RMS Pow..
    Ex Tax: $155.65 $179.00
  • Pioneer TS-G1605C 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4930/Pioneer TS-G1605C6.5" (16cm) Component Speaker (2-Way Speakers Include Tweeters)Upgrade your in-car sound in a smart and affordable way with the TS-G1605C. This 6.5" (16cm) 2-Way speaker system delivers up to 45 Watts of nominal power and has a maximum power output..
    Ex Tax: $76.52 $88.00
  • SONY XS-N1620C 6" 350W Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4602/SONY XS-N1620C 6" Component Speakers SystemThese Sony 6" 4-way Component Speakers (XSN1620C) offer a great quality upgrade for the interior of your vehicle. They collectively own a 350w peak power output, 60w RMS and a very modern design that is sure to get attenti..
    Ex Tax: $93.91 $108.00
  • Focal ISN 165 2-WAY 6-1/2" COMPONENT SPEAKERS
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4396/Precision craftmanship and advanced materialsFocal's Integration ISN component speaker systems use precision craftmanship and advanced materials to deliver strong performance. And these systems include shallow-mount woofers that'll fit in the factory speaker locati..
    Ex Tax: $242.61 $279.00
  • Focal 165KR 6.5" Component Speakers
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4036/6.5" 2-Way K2 Power Component System- Power Handling: Peak: 160 watts RMS: 80 watts- K2 composite sandwich cone- Zamac non-magnetic solid metal chassis- Separate crossovers equipped with Aluminized Polypropylene capacitors- Equipped with a twe..
    Ex Tax: $433.91 $499.00