Power capacitor

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  • RADIANT Digital Power CAPACITOR 2.0 FARAD - NEW !
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/1227/2.0 FARADR-CAP220/24 VOC C +/-10% 95┬░Cdigital-display capacitor is an energy storage device, it is designed to supplementthe audio amplifiers power supply during high current demand. An example of such ademand is when music hits a low bass transient. The overall ba..
    Ex Tax: $60.00 $69.00
  • BOSS CAP8 8 Farad Capacitor with Digital Voltage Meter
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/3957/BOSS CAP88 Farad Capacitor with Voltage DisplayThe BOSS CAP8 8 FARAD LED Digital Voltage Display Car Audio Power Capacitor will store temporary power and discharge it to stabilize voltage to the amplifier. This will reduce distortion and help the amplifier operate ..
    Ex Tax: $94.78 $109.00