Power capacitor

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  • BOSS 2 Farad Capacitor with Digital Volt Meter RED
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/5710/Boss Audio CPRD22 Farad Capacitor with Digital Voltage Display- 2 Farads with digital voltage display- Red Digital Voltage Display- Audible warning tone for reverse polarity- Audible warning tone for low battery voltage- Audible warning tone for voltage overloadThe..
    Ex Tax: $60.86 $69.99
  • BOSS CAP8 8 Farad Capacitor with Digital Voltage Meter
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/3957/BOSS CAP88 Farad Capacitor with Voltage DisplayThe BOSS CAP8 8 FARAD LED Digital Voltage Display Car Audio Power Capacitor will store temporary power and discharge it to stabilize voltage to the amplifier. This will reduce distortion and help the amplifier operate ..
    Ex Tax: $94.78 $109.00
  • Cerwin-Vega CVCAP2 2 Farad Digital Capacitor
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/4272/Cerwin Vega CVCAP22 Farad Digital High Output CapacitorGeneral Features:Digital 2 Farad CapacitorTrue 2 farad capacitor for systems up to 1000 wattsBright LED voltage displayUses post terminals for use with any gauge of power/ground cableIncludes mounting hardware ..
    Ex Tax: $128.70 $148.00
  • Boss CPBK3.5 - 3.5 Farad Capacitor w/ Volt Display
    http://www.omins.info/jonvy/p/3961/BOSS Audio CPBK3.5 - 3.5 Farad Capacitor with Digital Voltage DisplayWhen heavy bass notes in your music hit, the current demand on your system greatly increases and could cause voltage drops. This stiffening capacitor BOSS CPBK3.5 acts as a power reservoir, instan..
    Ex Tax: $82.61 $95.00