Car Equalizer

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  • PLANET AUDIO - (PEQ15) 5 Band Parametric Equalizer AUDIO - (PEQ15) 5 Band Parametric Equalizer5 Band Pre-Amp Equalizer w/ Remote Subwoofer Level ControlHalf-DIN 5 Band Pre-Amp EQEqualization Range +/- 12dBEQ bands 20Hz-70Hz, 50Hz-250Hz, 150Hz-400Hz 1.5kHz-4kHz, 4kHz-20kHzDual 2 Ch Source InputFront, Rear & S..
    Ex Tax: $65.22 $75.00
  • SSL SX210 2 Way Electronic Crossover SUB CONTROL SX210 _ 2 Way Electronic Crossover, Remote Subwoofer Level ControlProduct Features:2-Way Electronic Crossover, Remote Subwoofer Level ControlFront and sub inputsSelectable crossover frequencies:Front high pass: 50Hz to 1500HzSubwoofer: 35Hz to 400HzSelectable c..
    Ex Tax: $68.70 $79.00
  • Cerwin-Vega CAGU300 2-position AGU Fuse Holder VEGA CAGU300 Dual Fuse Mounted AGU Fuse Holder with Cover Single Input and Two OutputsFeatures:*Solid brass construction for high reliable designs*Satin Nickel finish improves conductivity while protecting against corrosion*High-temp Poly carbonate bases and..
    Ex Tax: $26.08 $29.99
  • BOSS BG300 - Bass Generator w/ Remote Sub control AUDIO BG300 Bass Generator with Remote Subwoofer Level ControlWhy Do I Need A Bass Generator?The BG300 Bass Generator is a specialized mobile audio component designed to restore and enhance the bass frequencies present in your music. It is like an acoustic mag..
    Ex Tax: $82.61 $95.00
  • Boss Audio AVA1210 7-Band Preamp Equalizer Audio AVA12107 Band Pre-Amp Equalizer w/ Remote Subwoofer Level Control- Half-DIN 7 Band Pre-Amp EQ- Equalization Range +/- 12dB- EQ bands Front 125Hz, 500Hz, 3.5kHz, 12kHz Rear 50Hz, 600Hz, 6.3kHz- Dual 2 Ch Source Input- Front, Rear & Sub Outputs- Subwoofer ..
    Ex Tax: $65.22 $75.00
  • Boss Audio BX35 3-Way Pre-Amp Electronic Crossover Audio BX35 3-way Pre-Amp Electronic Crossover with Remote Subwoofer Control by BOSS AudioWhy Do I Need A Crossover?Speakers reproduce sound based on high, low, or mid-range frequencies. This process is called the crossover effect and occurs because the vast ma..
    Ex Tax: $66.96 $77.00